Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Adults.

The kids. The Mama. The Aunt.
Mr.Crump, mother Valleda "Punkin'" and sister Pertrice "Trice".

Trice in her signature pose. We've got it down!

Mr. Crump and Ms. Rene ready for a night on the town.

Siblings, Jeff and Trice.

The Kids.

The kids and their Daddy.

Two of my favorite kids.


Me, Ms. Rene, Beau and Monique holding baby Raquel.

The Businesswoman.

Monique during a daylong photo shoot for Hater Magazine.

Monique doing what she does ... being fabulous.

The Beau.

Jeff doubts it.

Jeffery doing what he does... working.

The Beauty and Her Baby.

Jessica feeding her daughter, Raquel.

Jessica at New Years Dinner at Punkin's House.

The Many Faces of Raquel.

Monique's favorite.

Ms. Rene and Mr. Crump's favorite.

My favorite.

Nyla Teaching the Crump Men a Thing or Two.

Nyla and Mr. Crump, Jeff, Sr.

Nyla and "Beau" Jeff, Jr.

Me and the Crumps.

Ms. Rene and I.

Me and Jeffery being very traditional.

The Cousins.

Nyla and Victoria being little girls in pink.

The Men.

Jeffery, Jr.(Beau), Shelby, Bird, Mr. Jeffery Crump, and Junior. I couldn't find Dale for this photo.

A Constant Reminder of Love and Happiness.

Nikki holding Raquel at "Big Daddy" Harry Fontenot's wake. Raquel was a beautiful reminder of life, youth and love in during this tough time.

The Walkers.

Veronica, Shelby, Elizabeth, Cathy and Veronique.

The Lees.

Bird, Shawn and Junior.